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Forand Family story



Family First- Early in life Craig had a love for the culinary arts. His parents Paul and Priscilla Forand instilled a passion for the finer dinning experience in him at a young age. A belief that service is just as important as the meal has helped separate Forand Family Barbecue.



What is good barbecue? That is the question that Craig has wrestled with for years. In 2015 that all changed when Craig and his Dad, Paul walked in the Holy Grail of Texas Barbecue, Franklin Barbecue. It was an experience they had never had before. Craig's desire is to bring that level of excellence to your Barbecue experience. Knowing that it is only accomplished with top quality cuts of meat with wood and smoke. Our goal is to raise the bar on what is good Barbecue along with customer service we want to set yourselves apart from anyone else.


The art of Barbecue is not something you learn overnight. Barbecue is one of the oldest forms of cooking that remains simple with Wood, Fire, Smoke. I cooked his first brisket at the age of 18 and have never looked back. My passion for food has sent me all around the US. From Franklin Barbecue in Austin to Alinea Chicago. I want to change the culture for food in Texarkana. We live in a meat and potato town and I want to help expand the thought behind a great meal.

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